Friday, 17 February 2017

Top 10 Safe Driving Tips for new taxi Drivers

1.       Personal medical fitness:

A driver and a company both keep this in consideration that others’ lives are at stake if you are not driving safe or hiring medically unfit drivers. Driving itself is a concentrated and focused job. Driver must keep its medical report updated and minimise his stress level by taking proper rest and food. Driving for the driver is the matter of bread and butter but the other person sitting on the back is also at risk.

2.       Vehicle check-up:

Maintenance of the vehicle is also an important matter for a driver before he starts his work. He must have a tool kit along with him. He must keep his tank full to avoid to face any discomfort during ride. The driver should also keep the interior of the car neat and clean, it must sound like pleasant and fresh to the rider.

3.       Alcoholic violence:

In many of the countries, driving after alcoholic drinking is a severe violation of traffic laws. This offence is punitive with fine and license of the driver can also be cancelled lifetime. One thing which also very important to mention here that if you pick a rider who is drunk you need to be patient with him and help him to driver his home safe.

4.       Haste makes waste:

There is no need for driver to rush on the road and prove himself a very smart and quick driver. As it is saying that better to late than never to reach. So be patient in driving and if your rider is in hurry so don’t be offensive with him, be sober and just say him yes sir/madam, “you don’t worry please, I will take you to your destination in no time” and then do your own job professionally, tactically and according to assigned instructions which is better and safe for you and rider both.

5.       Seat belt:

You need to fasten your seatbelt before your push the accelerator. It will also be good for you to say very humbly to your rider that sir please fasten your seatbelt which safe for you.

6.       Avoid loud music:

When are free and waiting for ride request that is your leisure time you can listen to music and get yourself can and relieved which is very good for you. When you are on ride with your rider then you need to avoid music, may be what you are listening is annoying for your rider. But if he likes music then you can play for his choice. Loud music either you are free are on ride you need to avoid that because that gives jarring effect to the other people on the road.

7.       Good weather, bad weather:

A good and pleasant weather can make your journey very joyful but bad weather conditions are might unfavourable for your Tooting airport transfers driving. Heavy raining, gust of winds, galls of snow, blind fog and poor visibility may cause hurdle and can be horrible during your ride. So you need to follow precautionary measures to avoid these calamities and disasters.

8.       Traffic laws:


As it has mentioned above driver should be qualified in general and as a taxi driver in particular. But there a possibility that a licensed driver can also offence on the road. So as Balham taxi driver you are more responsible because your company’s business and your rider’s life is at stake regarding your driving proficiency. Do follow traffic law, especially signal and pedestrians.

9.       Parking when pick and drop:

This is the very minute thing to notice but it really matters a lot. Most of the time driver don’t take care of this thing in routine while they pick a rider or drop him at a location. If they wrongly park their car on the road to pick someone that may cause infuriating for someone behind you. You might have created a hurdle for him. Sometimes you wrongly park your car when you drop a person at his location and in hurry, you drop the rider in the middle of the road, which is dangerous for both you and rider.

10.   Mechanical and It knowledge:

A driver must have the basic mechanical knowledge to handle any vehicle failed circumstances to drop his rider on time. Along with mechanical knowledge, he must have the IT-based knowledge to handle Streatham Taxi app professionally. He can save his time when he has ample knowledge of the navigating system and can approach to rider location easily.

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